20th Annual Pharma Middle East Congress.

11th November 2019, Istanbul, Turkey,

by ME Conferences

Event Description

Pharmatechnology has now introduced to develop medicine. This process contains the use of materials with essential length scales in the nanometer measurement which demonstrate significantly changed properties associated to micron structured materials. Such materials can include particles, fibers, grain sizes, etc. This session highlighted the progressions nanotechnology is making in medicine in such fields as disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment including (but not limited to) drug delivery, tissue engineering, transplants, sensors, cancer treatment, and toxic is an inventive process of medication discovered by the biological target. The drug is most commonly an organic small molecule that activates or inhibits the function of a biomolecule such as a protein, which in turn results in a therapeutic benefit to the patient. In the most basic sense. Drug design relies on the knowledge of the three-dimensional structure of biomolecular targets. The drug is an organic molecule when it is a predicament to target site it can either inhibit or activate the function of a biomolecule which effects in therapeutic benefit.

Sessions / Tracks:

  1. Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
  2. Anatomy & Pathophysiology
  3. Bioinformatics and Bio-materials
  4. Pharmacognosy & Botony
  5. Nanotechnology in Pharmacy
  6. Medicinal & Biological Chemistry
  7. Pharmacological Studies
  8. Insights of Cancer Pharmacology
  9. Clinical Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Care
  10. Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and Microbiology
  11. Pharmaceutical Ethics & Regulatory Affairs
  12. Future of Pharmacy & Pharmacists
  13. Traditional Medicine & Phytochemistry`
  14. Pharmaceutical Industry & Business Management

Date and Time
Start : 11th November 2019 - 08:30 AM
End : 12th November 2019 - 05:00 PM

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